Hassan Saif



Data scientist with over 15 years' experience in Machine Learning (ML), Computational Social Science, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Software Engineering, and Big Data. Proven track record of developing and delivering large-scale ML models and pipelines to tackle a range of real-world societal, political, and business problems including, financial crime detection and mitigation, radicalisation detection and counter-terrorism, crisis-related event detection, opinion mining, and user behaviour analysis on social media. Strong experience with managing ML business, research, and development lifecycles and delivering actionable intelligence and insights to front-line businesses and governmental agencies. Over 30 academic publications in world-leading journals and conferences.

Lead Data Scientist & Software Engineer

As a tech-savvy innovator, I understand new technologies and how they can be used in various fields. I know Python, R, TensorFlow, and other data science and software engineering tools. This technical expertise helps me align technology with business goals as a strategist.

  • Birthday: 15 August
  • Website: www.hsaif.net
  • Phone: Upon Request
  • City: Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
  • Age: 38
  • Degree: PhD
  • Email hsaif@hsaif.net
  • Freelance: Not Available

I support data-driven decision making, ethical artificial intelligence, and the responsible application of technology. In anticipation of the future, my objective is to spearhead endeavours that not only bring commercial success but also contribute positively to society. Whether providing guidance for a new venture or supervising a group, the primary objective is consistently to deliver practical, evidence-based conclusions.


Significant milestones that have marked my professional trajectory. Leading groundbreaking projects, contributing to to scientific literature, fostering the development of future technology leaders, and receiving international recognition are all aspects that underscore my commitment to excellence and individual growth.

Projects Pioneering Solutions Across Industry & Academia

Publications Covering a diverse range of societal, political, and business topics

Career Advisees Professionals coached in diverse realms: from tech to emotional intelligence

International Awards Global recognition for innovation, research, and mentoring


A diverse range of skills is necessary for stimulating innovation and promoting development. This portfolio highlights my skill set in facilitating achievements in the realms of personal and technical growth.

Machine Learning 100%
Natural Language Processing 99%
Software Engineering 95%
Big Data 93%
Project Management 92%
Quantitative & Qualitative Analytics 95%
Cloud Computing & Microservices 90%
Python 98%
Research & Publications 92%
Team Leadership & Management 91%


By integrating profound academic knowledge with hands-on industry experience, I have established a specialised field in developing groundbreaking solutions utilising Machine Learning, Software Engineering, and Big Data technologies. During my career, I have been involved in a variety of significant initiatives, including efforts to prevent financial misconduct, detect online radicalisation, and fathom the complexities of online user behaviour. My affiliation with esteemed institutions such as HSBC and The European Research Council (ERC) serves as evidence of my dedication and expertise.


Hassan Saif

Lead Data Scientist with over 15 years' experience in Machine Learning, Computational Social Science, Software Engineering, and Big Data

  • Milton Keynes, UK
  • hsaif@hsaif.net


PhD in Computational Data Science & NLP

2011 - 2015

The Open University, Knowledge Media Institue, UK

Thesis: Semantic Sentiment Analysis of Microblogs

A study that leveraged Semantic Web techniques together with Machine Learning and NLP to enhance sentiment analysis performance on social media. I designed several methods to enrich both supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning models with the conceptual and contextual semantics of words. Additionally, I developed SentiCircles, a semantic vector representation of words that uses Trigonometry and Euclidian Geometry to better assign sentiment to words based on their contextual and conceptual meanings. The scientific community has made extensive use of SentiCircles to improve both traditional and deep learning models for sentiment analysis.

The doctoral thesis was honoured with the prestigious International Semantic Web Distinguished PhD Thesis award (Japan, Kobe 2016) and was later published as a book in 2017.

B.Sc. in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence

2003 - 2008

Damascus University, Damascus, Syria

Studied key courses including Machine Learning, Deep Neural Networks, Programming Languages, Game Theory, Applied Mathematics, and Software Engineering.

Professional Experience

Senior Data Science Manager

2018 - Present

HSBC Group, Research & Development, Chief Compliance Office, London, UK

Lead the design and development of innovative, large-scale, and production-ready anti-financial crime systems. This is an interdisciplinary role at the intersection of quantitative analysis/ML, software development, and pipeline infrastructure engineering. I am also responsible for managing multiple cross-jurisdiction analytics teams, as well as preparing and delivering a broad range of technical briefings for a range of senior HSBC executives. Key responsibilities and achievements include:

  • Managing the design, development, and delivery of HSBC's global anti-financial crime ML-based ecosystems.
  • Working with extremely large, complex data sets (+30Bn records), generating insights, and identifying and modelling historical and new emerging financial crime risk behaviours and trends.
  • Building an end-to-end NLP-powered ML pipeline for identifying confirmed financial crime risk typologies within a global population of the HBSC known-bad actors. The developed pipeline helped deliver auto-generated gold-standard evaluation datasets for model training and evaluation.
  • Building ML-based anti-money laundering models that are ~5 times better and detect risk ~0.7 months faster than existing systems.
  • Working jointly with IT and engineering teams on the integration and deployment of large-scale ML pipelines.
  • Leading model performance analysis and evaluating business metrics to generate actionable insights and provide compelling visualisations for both business and technical stakeholders to support evidence-based decision-making processes within the bank.
  • Managing key stakeholder relationships to determine and translate business needs into research requirements and development workflows.


Drawing upon my profound knowledge in the fields of software engineering and machine learning, I provide consulting services and accept limited freelance projects. Should you require assistance with an AI project, encounter a complicated software dilemma, or simply want to discuss the miracles of technology, I am readily available to participate. Dial in to discuss the possibility of a collaboration.


Milton Keynes, United Kingdom


+44 75317 133398

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